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June 12, 2018
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Eat More Honey

“Life is the flower, for which love is the honey.” – Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist

I get allergies really bad. There’s something every season–from itchy, bloodshot eyes to runny nose and e

verything in between. Fortunately, I’ve found something that actually does help my allergies, now and in the long run. And it’s so tasty!


Eating local honey, or honey made from flora in your area, can help your body acclimate and adjust to the types of flora and pollen that might be causing these allergic reactions. And the more you eat, the better it is!

If that’s not enough of a  reason to start adding more honey into your diet, then check out these other great benefits:

  1. Honey is rich in anti-oxidants.
  2. Much like how avocado is the ‘good’ fat, honey is more of the ‘good’ sugar.
  3. Honey may improve cholesterol and help lower blood pressure.
  4. When applied directly to skin, it can help heal burns and wounds. It can also be used to treat other skin ailments like psoriasis or dermatitis.
  5. Honey is a natural cough suppressant.

Here are a few ways to get more honey into your diet:

  1. Yogurt – honey in yogurt in absolutely delicious! Mix in some fruit, granola, or chia seeds and you’ve got a healthy, delicious snack!
  2. Toast – who doesn’t love peanut butter and honey toast?!
  3. Teas – rather than adding sugar, try some honey!
  4. For a list of heartier, honey meals – check out this list!

And finally, here’s a list of several Idaho honey dealers that can help improve your allergies and add some healthy sweetness to your diet!

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